• Exceeded Initial objective of securing £600m from UK pension schemes
  • Acquisition means that PiP has successfully completed 6 transactions during the last 18 months for 15 underlying infrastructure assets/portfolios

Pensions Infrastructure Platform(“PiP”), the specialist infrastructure investment manager established to facilitate long term investment into UK infrastructure by pension schemes, has today announced that it has reached agreement with Aberdeen UK Infrastructure Partners LP (“Aberdeen”) to acquire a portfolio of interests in UK public-private partnership projects for just over £400m. PiP will manage the interests directly.

The acquisition, by the PiP Multi-Strategy Infrastructure Fund (“MSIF”), includes hospitals, highways operations and maintenance contracts, energy from waste projects and social housing.

During 2017 PiP has acquired a portfolio of 6 solar energy parks, a stake in a ferry company and now these social infrastructure assets, bringing all of them into the direct ownership of UK pension schemes.

PiP has now exceeded its initial funding objective by securing almost £750m of investment from 7 pension schemes, and has an experienced investment, asset management and operational team in place.

PiP invests for the long-term on behalf of pension schemes and their members. It owns and manages assets capable of providing 20-30 years or more of inflation linked cash flows to help schemes meet their long-term pension payment obligations. It will continue to build on these investments to deliver a diversified portfolio of UK infrastructure assets for pension schemes and their members.

Mike Weston, Chief Executive of PiP says: “These projects deliver vital facilities from which essential public services are provided to many thousands of people in England and Scotland. We are looking forward to working closely with the public-sector owners over the next 20-30 years to ensure these facilities are maintained and operated to the highest possible standards.”

“This transaction is a milestone for PiP, taking us close to £750m of assets under management just 18 months after the launch of our first fund. It demonstrates that it is possible for a group of UK pension schemes to collaborate to make long-term investments in infrastructure. Our buy and hold investment strategy, together with our cost efficient and responsible approach to asset management, ensures that maximum value is delivered to pension scheme investors and their members. As PiP continues to grow even more benefits will be secured for them.”

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