Sustainable Communities for Leeds is responsible for the refurbishment of over 1260 existing council and leaseholder homes and the building of 388 new council homes over the first 3½ years of the project. It is responsible for the repair and maintenance of homes and communal areas within the Little London, Beeston Hill and Holbeck areas for a 20-year duration. The large-scale housing regeneration of the Little London, Beeston Hill, and Holbeck areas of Leeds generates many positive benefits to social housing, such as an increase in the overall quality of the local housing stock, a reduction in the number of people unable to adequately heat their homes and an improvement the overall quality and sustainability of the natural environment.

Better Alignment, Better Value, Better Governance
PiP is committed to building strong relationships with all stakeholders. Communication & Engagement Groups (CEG) in both Little London and Holbeck are being established to support the successful delivery of the project, with the aim of making sure every customer is able to have an involvement in the regeneration of their community.

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