Our Mission

PiP was established by UK pension schemes to operate and invest for pension schemes. This collaborative, mutual approach provides investor schemes with better alignment, better governance and better value.

Better Alignment

PiP is owned by UK pension schemes and invests like a pension scheme:

  • Buy and hold investment strategy to deliver long-term cash flows to pension scheme investors to match their long-term cash flow needs
  • Seeking inflation-linked cash returns
  • UK investment focus
  • Investors share the benefits of success of the platform

PiP is a UK infrastructure specialist. We have a deep understanding of the UK market, its regulation, political risks and its evolving characteristics.

PiP is open to all pension schemes – big or small, public or private, and all investors in PiP funds benefit from the same terms.

We recognise that all pension schemes have a common fiduciary goal – to always meet their pension payment obligations to members when they fall due. PiP was established to help pension schemes achieve this.

Better Value

PiP’s mandate is only to cover its operating costs. This means

  • PiP investment fees are amongst the lowest available for pension scheme investors into infrastructure – with full transparency
  • No additional costs to investors such as profit shares or management carry
  • Buy and hold investment strategy minimises transaction costs
  • Maximum returns are delivered to our investors

As a UK specialist we are better able to apply appropriate risk adjusted valuations to the UK assets we seek to buy on behalf of our investors.

Better Governance

PPI’s Governance policies are designed by pension schemes to match those of our pension scheme investors

  • Independent Board oversight of the PiP group
  • Advisory Board oversight of PiP investment funds

PiP’s experienced team combines deep pensions scheme, asset management and infrastructure knowledge, all dedicated to delivering the high quality of investment and service to meet the needs of pension scheme investors.

PiP is also committed to Responsible Investment and is proud to be a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.