Our History

Founded in 2012, Pensions Infrastructure Platform (PiP) is the infrastructure investment platform that has been specifically developed to facilitate long-term investment into UK infrastructure by pension schemes. We are unique, having been set up by pension schemes, for pension schemes, to ensure better alignment, better value and better governance.

PiP was founded to allow pension schemes of all sizes to gain exposure to the well-recognised benefits of investing in core infrastructure, and to participate in the opportunities arising from the UK’s drive to improve the nation’s infrastructure. The distinctive nature of infrastructure investment means that the expertise and experience that PiP provides is vital in achieving these aims.

PiP was established to offer better alignment with the aims of pension schemes, and to be an investment manager that pension schemes can really trust. One of the key founding principles of PiP is that we are open to all UK pension schemes, and any pension scheme that decides to invest through us will enjoy the same better value as our founding investors.

PiP launched the Multi-Strategy Infrastructure Limited Partnership in 2016, and is focused on direct investments into UK infrastructure assets through this vehicle.